Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudomation is a platform for software automation and integration. With Cloudomation, you can connect different software tools and define fully automated processes. Take a look at our success stories for some examples of what Cloudomation can be used for. 

You can automate all software components that have an application programming interface (API) or allow some other kind of remote access. Cloudomation can monitor the state of a system, it lets you react to changes in a system, read data from a system, process your business logic to transform data or make decisions, write data to a system, or execute scripts on systems.

Automation processes are defined in Flow Scripts. Flow Scripts are written in Python, using normal Python syntax plus Cloudomation specific functions.

Cloudomation Flow Scripts are scalable and they have job control features. With Cloudomation, you can easily schedule and monitor script execution. It allows detailed introspection through logging of all inputs and outputs, which creates a consistent audit trail and simplifies debugging. Through the simple input and output definitions available in Cloudomation, you can manage large and complex automation processes easily.

No, you don’t. Some programming experience is recommended, and knowing Python is an advantage, but it is not necessary. Cloudomation provides documentation of its functions and examples of common routines. If you have experience with any programming language, you will be able to put together a Flow Script without knowing Python.

No, it isn’t, though it is a good metaphor. Cloudomation functionality is exposed through a native Python API. This means that you write Cloudomation functions in Python syntax, but it is executed in a different way than “normal” Python code.

Yes, you can. However, you are limited in what you can do. You cannot install modules and you can only use a limited amount of resources on the platform. Cloudomation is not intended as a Python IDE. You can execute complex Python scripts on other systems through Cloudomation. You can also use Cloudomation to deploy an environment where you can run your Python scripts, or use Cloudomation to execute scripts on already existing environments.

No, you don’t. Cloudomation is available as a cloud platform. Just go to  to create your account and try it out for six weeks for free. On-premise licenses for Cloudomation are available if you need them. Get in touch with us at if you are interested in an on-premise license.

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