Software Automation for Businesses

Taking care of the routine so you can innovate.

Software Automation for Businesses

Taking care of the routine so you can innovate

Software Automation for Businesses

Taking care of the routine so you can innovate

Automate and integrate at scale

Cloudomation is a platform for pro-code automation and integration. Write solutions that fit your exact requirements – flexible, fast and lightweight. Cloudomation gives you the tools to develop long-lasting, maintainable automations that grow with future requirements. True to the motto – as simple as possible, as complex as needed.

You use more and more software tools every day, each operating seperately?

System integration is at the heart of automation. Save time and improve quality by connecting your tools.

Scaling your business is difficult because you don’t have enough people?

Support your team with automation.

Let your team focus on intelligent and creative tasks where they can shine. 

Supporting your customers remotely is challenging?

Securely and easily deliver tailor-made support and services remotely. 

Support your customers faster and better.

Master complexity, embrace simplicity.

The majority of companies complain about the same problems: Too many complex projects and too little resources to implement them on time and on budget. With Cloudomation, you can automate both simple and complicated processes to reduce complexity and free resources.

Want a 25h day?

We can’t magically add an extra hour to your day – but we can free up time for you so that it feels like it. So that you have time for the important things.

Break down silos

You use more and more software tools each day that all operate separately from each other? System integration is at the heart of automation. Break down silos for good by easily connecting your software tools through Cloudomation.

How does Cloudomation work?

It only takes 3 weeks from the initial meeting to the implementation of your first automation. What each step looks like, who is involved and how we accompany you on the journey you can read here:

Find out here what the technical implementation of your automations with Cloudomation look like and which features can be used in which step:

Deploy your software to Amazon Web Services...



...with Cloudomation


Use Cases

Pro-Code automation

Highly flexible, maintainable end-to-end automations in Python: With the toolbox Cloudomation you reach your destiny faster than with hand-written scripts.

System Integration

Use connectors to include any systems in your automations - fast and easy. Or simply define your own REST APIs in a few clicks.

Application Release Automation

Bringing your software to your customers faster and more reliable.

Data Integration

Use the data handling power of Python and use data directly to control the process logic.

API orchestration

Orchestrate your Software-tools using diverse testing tools and provide your team with an full overview on status and results.

End-to-end DevOps automation

Overview and collaboration throughout the DevOps process for all teams involved and seamless transitions between development, build, testing, deployment, operations and monitoring

Use Cases

Workflow automation

Many processes in your company involve software. Automate the software part and focus on the people part.

System Integration

Cloudomation lets your software tools talk to each other. 

Application Release Automation

Automatically install and configure applications in different target environments.

Data Integration

Need to enter data manually into different systems? Let Cloudomation do it for you. 

API testing

Systematically test your APIs. Thoroughly, reliably, and continuously.

Prototype to Production

Writing a script is easy. Making sure it works every day is hard. Cloudomation makes production readiness simple.

System Administrators spend up to

0 %

of their time on tasks that could be automated


Full audit trail

Keep the overview of your jobs

Robust executions

Jobs don’t crash, they simply pause

Database access

Relational, graph, key-value

Connect on-premise & cloud

Build processes across networks

Connect to existing tools

Integrate with your current processes

Server automation

Remote terminal access

Job scheduling

Highly flexible scheduling for your jobs

Event triggered jobs

Define custom triggers

Build your cloud software with... service of popular cloud provider

lines of code


lines of code