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New Release: Topfengolatsche

March 2022

Topfengolatschen get their special taste through the combination of moist filling constrasting with the crunchy exterior. Curious on why we named oru release after it?

Welcome, Simon!

January 2022

With Simon as our DevOps Engineer on our side we got another motivated co-worker with hands-on mentality. Welcome to the team, Simon! 

Whitepaper: Dealing with Bottlenecks in IT

December 2021

It’s here! In our latest wwhitepaper we are sharing 7 tips on how to deal with bottlenecks in IT. Find out how to identify them, define teh right solutions and get longlasting results.  

December 2021

We wanted to make Cloudomation more  tangible for you. Therefore, we just published our first use case example video in which we explain the step-by-step process to connect your third-party systems with Cloudomation. 

November 2021

This time we presented our favourite Cloudomation feature: the analysis feature. Besides that the newsletter was about a a big success story, a new blog post and the latest price changes. 

Oktober 2021

Laura is a valuable addition to the marketing team and our external communication as a young, female and motivated co-worker. Welcome, Laura!

August 2021

How does digitization work? Automation and system integration are central components of a successful digitization – just like iterative procedures and experienced partners.

September 2021

We keep growing! With his great expertise and experience Kurt is a big win for our sales team. Welcome, Kurt! 

August 2021

Punschkrapferl? Yes indeed! Like the Viennese pastry, our release 4.0 is both tasty and pretty. With a new user interface, analysis feature, extended scheduling and improved Vault integration.

June 2021

A detailed analysis of various automation tools, with graphics, pros and cons for each of them to help you make an informed decision and choose the best automation tool for your needs.

July 2021

Join the community webinar for networking and discussion of two intriguing topics: Armin Scherz from SpiralUp will talk about lose coupling in complex IT ecosystems, and Margot Mückstein from Cloudomation will share experiences with requirements engineering in challenging project constellations.

May 2021

Success story of a large German software company that kick-started its Business Intelligence initiative with Cloudomation, renewal of a competitive research grant, new features and a new blog post: RPA vs End-to-End Automation.

March 2021

Cloudomation Partner Community’s first webinar, new connectors and features, an interview about career paths of women in IT with Cloudomation CEO Margot and a feature highlight: Savepoints.

May 2021

Validating the high degree of innovation in the technological core of Cloudomation, FFG renewed its commitment to support our product development.

April 2021

The Cloudomation Partner Community is an open forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience, related to IT automation and system integration. Join Cloudomation Partner Community!

February 2021

Metusan Turning GmbH nominated Cloudomation as one of two finalists for their “Innovation 2 Company Challenge”!

January 2021

Expansion of our customer base across the  the DACH region and the latest news and achievements: new features, new German website, new customer success story.

January 2021

Our CEO Margot took part in a great initiative by apsa personnel concepts gmbh: make women visible and show how tech career paths can look like.

January 2021

Visual representation of dependencies, new resource: webhook, visual representation of flow logic and much more.

December 2020

Despite the Corona crisis, Cloudomation has developed a lot in 2020, both as a product and as a company. Thanks to our partners, customers and team for a fruitful year!

September 2020

CEO Margot talks with tech evangelist Fabian Böck about the pandemic, the future of the cloud, her experience as an entrepreneur, and about Cloudomation.