Developer Productivity

Enable efficient coding without hurdles, finally free senior developers from support tasks, simplify onboarding and be 100% independent of hardware resources.

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Deploy software faster

A bug needs to be fixed in an old version? That means: pull branch of the old version, set up dependencies, get the local build running, fix bug, troubleshoot the local build, check the bug fix…etc. With DevStack: Switch CDE, fix the bug, switch to the previous CDE. Done.

Free seniors from their support role

Senior developers are your most experienced and most expensive employees. However, they are often involuntarily pushed into a support role because they have to help juniors with troubleshooting their development environment. Use your seniors’ time better. With DevStack you provide development environments that just work for all developers.

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Reduce onboarding from hours to minutes

During onboarding, developers have to set up their development environment and install the software to be developed locally. The more complex the setup, the longer it takes. With Cloudomation, you can automate this step. Log in, start CDE, code.

Maximise hardware performance

Hardware resources limit developers in their daily work. New devices have to be purchased every year. But there is another option: DevStack is available self-hosted, on-premises or as SaaS. The performance depends only on the infrastructure.


Low barrier to adoption
Source code can be stored locally, developers keep existing workflows, only the deployment of the software is moved to the CDE

Self-hosting option
Customers can host DevStack in any infrastructure of their choice (cloud or on-premise), allowing for significant cost savings compared to other pure SaaS-vendors.

High flexibility in deployment models
DevStack can be customised for any deployment model. Software can be deployed on single or multiple VMs, in containers, in K8s clusters, serverless, or in any other deployment model that is required. Special hardware requirements such as GPUs can be added. DevStack pricing is independent of resource requirements and therefore particularly attractive for complex and heavy-duty deployments, which DevStack is uniquely suited to handle.

All features of Cloudomation DevStack

Self-managed, managed on-premise, managed cloud (SaaS).

Central configuration
Manage the CDEs centrally. Configure which CDEs and which tools are available.

Self-service portal for developers
Developers can start and stop the CDEs on their own.

CDEs based on VMs
Cloudomation DevStack is based on virtual machines that are integrated via file mount. The VM specifications can be selected according to requirements.

Bring your own IDE
Use all IDEs, such as VSC, Jetbrains with and without ssh, Eclipse or Web IDEs.

Air gapped deployment
Set up air gapped development environments.

Automate everything. Get access to Cloudomation Engine, our general-purpose automation platform.

Bring your own software
Run the software to be
developed in the CDE.

Dedicated Support
Get dedicated support and help
with individual questions.

Test thoroughly, then decide

Test and evaluate DevStack for up to one year.
Then move seamlessly to active use.

Start now with Cloudomation DevStack​