Remote Development Environments

Remote Development Environments (RDEs) are remote environments where developers have all the tools they need for their work – to develop, debug, test and more. These environments are accessed via the internet. RDEs are meant to replace local development environments.

Remote means that the developers connect to another environment. The environment can be in the corporate data centre, in the private cloud or available as SaaS.

The definition of RDEs differs depending on the provider. For example, the term can also mean that only an IDE is available via the browser. However, functions that go beyond this are not included.

The term “Cloud Development Environments” is also often used. It’s the common name for that product category.

At Cloudomation, we follow the above description and provide CDEs / RDEs that can be used like local development environments. Complex applications or software with multiple components can be run in the RDE.

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