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The alternative to Jenkins.

Cloudomation Engine is a flexible CI/CD solution for software teams
that are looking for an alternative to Jenkins.

Cloudomation Engine as a Jenkins alternative. Why?

When Jenkins

Jenkins is an open source build server with a large community. A broad collection of community-supplied plugins allows to automate many  use cases that go beyond software builds.

Jenkins is the right choice for you if:

  • You are looking for a build server for a Java software project
  • You have very good DevOps / operations experts who have the capacity to deep-dive into Jenkins to learn and operate it in accordance with best practices
  • Your build process is of low to medium complexity:
    • Your application is fully containerized and consists of 1-3 components (e.g. backend, frontend, database) that need to be built
    • There are few and clear dependencies between the components to be built
    • Only one build process needs to be supported, which is always the same with very few exceptions
  • Your build process is not a core process and longer downtimes aren’t a problem

When Cloudomation Engine

Cloudomation Engine is a highly flexible automation and integration platform that supports complex DevOps automation from build and testing up to release automation.

Cloudomation Engine is the right choice for you if:

  • You are looking for a DevOps automation solution
  • Want to free up your DevOps / operations experts and get expert input on best practices in DevOps automation
  • Your build process has medium to high complexity:
    • Your application is not containerized
    • Your application is containerized and has 4+ components
    • There are many and / complex dependencies between components
    • Large / complex components are built
    • Multiple variants of the build process with numerous exceptions / parameters should be automated
  • Your build process is a critical core process
  • You want to automate beyond the build process
  • You already use Jenkins and have specific gaps or difficulties

Already using Jenkins?​

Great! Jenkins and Cloudomation Engine are compatible. This is how Cloudomation enriches your Jenkins pipelines:

Cloudomation Engine vs. Jenkins

Feature Cloudomation Engine Jenkins
DevOps automation
Build automation
Open Source
Operation, maintenance, support
Included in licence
Internal - needs a dedicated team
Deployment options
Cloud, On-premise, Self-hosted
Role-based access control Is it possible to assign individual roles and permissions for users?
Limited / Plugin
Effort to automate
comparable build pipelines
4-8 hours
20-40 hours
Automation language
Python (main), all (secondary)
Java (main), all (secondary)
Integrations What are the integration options for third-party systems?
Native connectors for standard APIs
and special interfaces Connectors allow you to connect to systems via standard protocols and interfaces. You can use connectors to create your own integrations with a wide range of different software solutions.
Highly scalable
Self-repair mechanisms
in case of errors
In the event of an error, are executions repeated, is it possible to ask for an user action and can you create savepoints?
Visualization of pipelines
generated from code
Is it possible to represent pipelines graphically?
High availability
Secret management For example, are passwords stored securely, never saved on the system and only used during an execution?
Native integration with Hashicorp
Vault Store your secrets in the Hashicorp Vault and control which Cloudomation Engine process can access which secrets. Secrets are pulled live from the Vault, used and forgotten as they run. They are not displayed in Cloudomation and are never stored on the Cloudomation Engine platform.
Via plugin
Trigger for build / pipeline What is the possibility to start the build process?
Webhook, custom REST API,
Schedule, Interaktiv Create webhooks to launch executions from third-party systems or receive notifications. Start the process with a schedule at a precise time or at specific intervals. Integrate users, e.g. to get approvals.
Webhook, plugins forest for
other possibilities

Standard API Connectors

Connectors allow the Cloudomation Engine to speak with other systems using standard protocols, interfaces and APIs. Using these standard connectors, you can create your own integrations with a huge variety of additional tools. It’s like speaking English – you can talk to many people using that language. Connectors are the same thing: they enable you to speak a technology language that many software solutions use.





Google APIs

Hashicorp Vault




MS Azure

MS Azure AI


MS Teams


OAuth 1 & 2

Open AI

Oracle SQL












Use Cases

Release Automation

DevOps Orchestration

End-to-end Test Orchestration

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