Cloud Development Environments: The ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Cloud Development Environments (CDEs).

In the following sections, we will use the term Remote Development Environments (RDEs) synonymously for CDEs. Why? In the past, we used the term RDE to describe our product Cloudomation DevStack. RDE would be the technically accurate term as our product is available in the cloud and as an on-premise solution. However, CDE is the established term for this product category. Therefore, we decided to primarily use this term.

What are Cloud Development Environments / Remote Development Environments

You don’t know what CDEs or RDEs are and want to get up to speed? Then the article or video “What are Remote Development Environments” is a good starting point.

A problem is, that it is often not clear what the difference between IDEs, local development environments and CDEs is. In addition, there are products which are referred to as CDEs that are actually not CDEs. Also, other terms have emerged (e.g. Standardised Development Environments), which we categorise in an article.

How CDEs work

As CDEs are a relatively new product category, there is a lot of content about the benefits, but never about how CDEs actually work. These two articles will finally give you a technical overview.

Use Cases and Outcomes

Wondering what results you can expect if you use CDEs? Slack, Uber and LinkedIn are already using CDEs and these companies published detailed reports in their engineering blogs. We summarised the use cases and outcomes for you.

Tools available on the market

What CDE tools are actually out there? We have listed and described 7 tools in a blog post. If you want to have more insights and informations about CDEs and all the available tools – get our whitepaper. It’s an up-to-date overview of the market and has a detailed comparison table in it.

Cloudomation DevStack

We write about CDEs because we offer a CDE product. In this section you get all the information about our Cloud Development Environments product Cloudomation DevStack and the story behind our decision to develop this product. In a nutshell: developers spend far too much time on troubleshooting, are in many cases unable to run their own software locally and can’t validate code changes quickly. There’s a better way!

Decision Making

We spent a lot of time analysing the market. Conclusion: Product comparisons are difficult due to the different functions and features. Here’s a PDF guide and an interactive tool to get to the right solution (fast).

Learn more about Cloudomation DevStack