Cloud Development Environments

Cloud Dev Environments (CDEs) are development environments you can deploy instantly. They contain all the tools developers need to do their work. Our CDE tool is called Cloudomation DevStack.

Benefits of Cloudomation CDEs

Increased productivity

Like the local development
environment, but without the
constant troubleshooting.

Save time

Developers can configure the development environments individually, use them in self-service and start working immediately.

More security

Access to the Dev Environments can be revoked at any time. With an air gapped setup, you ensure that the source code is not on the laptop.

Why CDEs from Cloudomation?

  • Usable with any local editor.
  • Cloudomation has a powerful automation and integration tool to quickly connect the CDEs with third-party systems and tools.
  • Kubernetes is not required.
  • Compared to other providers on-premise hosting is possible. That is why we prefer to use the term Remote Development Environments.

Cloud Development Environments from Cloudomation

Development Environments on Demand.

Cloudomation DevStack

cloud development environment devstack

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