Cloudomation DevStack Pricing


  • Ideal for 6+ developers
  • 1,000 hours of CDE runtime / month included
  • Monthly 160 hours per developer
  • Standard support
  • Cloudomation Engine
  • VM-based CDEs
  • Support for all IDEs
  • Air gapped deployment
  • User access control


  • Ideal for 25 developers
  • 4,000 hours of CDE runtime / month included
  • Everything from Starter


  • Ideal for 93+ developers
  • 15,000 hours of CDE runtime / month included
  • Premium support
  • Everything from Starter


On request

All prices excl. VAT and based on annual billing. Pricing for self-hosted. Additional infrastructure costs apply for SaaS.


Frequently asked questions.

With Cloudomation DevStack, we provide cloud development environments (CDEs) that are fully equivalent to local development environments. With CDEs you can use any local editor, a local or web IDE and to enable integration via several paths: via a network drive with sources for local editors / IDEs or via SSH for web / remote IDEs. Build of not yet committed intermediate states, reuse of already existing local build tools (e.g. code not minimised) and comfortable inspection of logs complete the picture. The particular strength lies in the comprehensive automation and integration functionality available in the CDEs.

  • Can be used with any local editor / IDE.
  • With Cloudomation Engine, a flexible and powerful automation and integration tool is included in DevStack.
  • Working with uncommitted code is possible.
  • On-premise possible.
  • Compare with Gitpod
  • Compare with Coder

To answer this question, we recommend that you arrange an appointment with us where we can discuss your current challenges together. In a personal demo, we will then show you how Cloudomation DevStack works and what you can expect from it.

The CDE operating hours are your monthly quota for using the CDEs.

Usage is still possible (fair use principle). If you exceed the hourly quota several times, we offer an upgrade.

Cloudomation Engine is a Python-based, general-purpose automation platform that automates the deployment of CDEs. You can also use it to automate other processes and integrate all the tools you need, e.g. CI/CD pipelines. Cloudomation is so far the only company that provides its own automation platform in addition to cloud development environments.

With standard support, you get an answer within 24 hours. With premium support within 4-8 hours and, depending on the problem, we guarantee a solution within 12-16 working hours. Details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Yes. The offer is only aimed at companies and not at individual developers.

We would be happy to help you personally with any questions:

Benefits of Cloudomation DevStack

Standardised development environments
Provide a standardised development environment, improve collaboration and free developers from unproductive troubleshooting of the local environment.

Lightning fast onboarding
Instantly deploy perfectly configured development environments, shorten the onboarding time and provide an excellent developer experience.

Performance without limits
Never again be affected by performance problems of local computers. Provide the right computing power depending on the requirements.

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