End-to-end Test Orchestration


Software testing is already largely automated, and various testing technologies are in use. The cost of maintaining the automated tests is high. Nevertheless, bugs are often identified late. The quality and added value of automated testing cannot be clearly demonstrated.


Lean, maintainable testing pipelines that clearly combine the results of different testing tools create an end-to-end of testing which view makes repeated problem areas visible and enables step-by-step improvement of testing.

The problem

  • Multiple testing tools are used. Merging the results and orchestrating the tests is costly. A lot of time and effort is invested in developing and maintaining test pipelines.
  • Lots of resources are invested in test automation. It is not clear whether and how these resources contribute to the quality of testing and software. 
  • Testers deal with test orchestration pipelines or DevOps experts support test automation without insight into the logic of the tests. In both cases, the results are suboptimal due to a lack of expertise in the other area. The result is brittle pipelines with long runtimes.
  • Process problems in testing mean that failed tests are often overlooked or ignored, reducing the added value of automated testing. 
  • Some tests are only partially automated because, for example, they require special test data or have to be performed on special infrastructure. Since they are time-consuming, these tests are rarely performed. As a result, some bugs are identified only late and their elimination is very expensive. 

The solution

  • Our experienced experts support you in the step-by-step end-to-end orchestration of your test pipelines in the highly flexible Cloudomation Engine platform. 
  • Through our experience with test orchestration, we quickly identify bottlenecks and potential trouble spots in existing pipelines and recommend improvements.
  • End-to-end view of the entire test pipeline shows where problems occur and makes targeted improvements possible. Metrics for the entire pipeline make status and progress measurable. 
  • Functioning automations remain in place. We start where test pipelines are too slow or fragile. Improvements are implemented step-by-step so that added value is quickly noticeable. 
  • Thanks to broad integration and automation functionality, all test tools can be brought together and results can be prepared in a uniform manner. 
  • Even special test scenarios (e.g. with creation of test data or on special infrastructure) are fully automated. Thus, they can be performed frequently with little effort. Bugs are detected early and fixed quickly.

How it works

Highly flexible platform for test orchestration: thanks to broad integration functionality, almost all testing tools can be orchestrated via Cloudomation Engine. This means that the test flow logic, including any dependencies, is defined in Cloudomation Engine, but the tests themselves are executed in the respective specialized testing tools. The results of the tests can be queried by Cloudomation Engine from the individual testing tools and presented clearly in one place. 

Connecting existing tools: The parts of your test pipelines that already work well can continue to be used and orchestrated (triggered) via Cloudomation Engine. 

Overview and measurability: End-to-end automation of the entire test pipeline enables an overview of the entire test chain. Key figures, e.g. on frequently failed tests according to different variables (e.g. branch, target environment, committer) can be calculated, making problem areas visible and thus enabling targeted improvements. 

Step-by-step implementation: In order to quickly create added value with existing resources, we actively support you in planning and implementing the first steps to optimize your testing. Together, we identify the first starting points where we can quickly implement improvements, as well as a step-by-step plan for the further development of your end-to-end test orchestration, which you can implement with your existing resources. The goal is to help you get first results quickly and empower your team to continue working with Cloudomation Engine independently, so that optimizing your test pipelines remains a continuous process that you can do on your own.

The results

Improved software quality, not just more test coverage:

  • Outcome-oriented KPIs (e.g. cost to fix of bugs in specific components) are caluclated, allowing you to prioritise investment in testing sensibly.
  • End-to-end view of testing pipelines and measurements over time allow to identify why some bottlenecks persist, allowing targeted improvement. 

Step-by-step continuous improvement instead of big-bang changes:

  • Build up a toolset that allows to continuously improve with the resource you already have, instead of large one-off projects with unclear outcomes.
  • Testing can grow and change with evolving needs of the business.

Build long-lasting expertise in-house:

  •  Our experts are there to support you every step of the way. 
  • We empower your team to become familiar with best-practice testing.
  • You get not just a tool but the knowledge on how to use it well.