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Above 2000 meters, the mountains are not so nice anymore: they are desolate and dangerous places. Much like IT projects: they are hardly ever “a walk in the park”.

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What are the differences between RPA and end-to-end automation? Which one is right for your company? Bonus: comparison table at the end.

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A lot of companies combine general-purpose and use case specific automation solutions. It is not an either-or choice. Read this post to understand fundamental differences between the two approaches.

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It is yet another buzz word, named Technology Trend №1 of 2020 by Gartner, to capture the renewed emphasis businesses are putting on the topic of automation.

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I wrote a blog post about our hiring experience earlier this year. It is time for an update: we have learned new things worth sharing. I also want to take a look at the less rosy parts of our ..

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Front-end Performance is a key metric when it comes to user experience. No one likes to see loading icons (except loading icon designers). We want our front-end to be served as quickly ..

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Tech talent is hard to find. Talking to colleagues in the IT sector, the complaints are always the same: few people apply to job postings, those who do apply either do not even closely match ..

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Getting started with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be tricky. What are the most common challenges of using AI and ML? The easiest way to use AI for business is ..

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Many things are difficult for a young company. I don’t need to enumerate on the many problems that come with not being established in the market yet, not having many people, processes, ..

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As a young software start-up, there are two things we do every day: learn a lot, and a stand-up. The first one more or less happens, the second one has become a habit almost as ..

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GA is short for General Availability, which is nerd slang for the first publicly available version of a new software. It is an important milestones in the life of a software product – and it marks ..

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