Cloudomation DevStack:
The Self Hosted Gitpod Alternative

Cloudomation DevStack makes it easy to deploy Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) that developers can launch instantly.

Cloudomation DevStack vs. Gitpod

Feature Cloudomation DevStack Gitpod
Self-Managed, Managed On-Premise,
Managed Cloud (SaaS)
Managed Cloud (SaaS)
Per hour RDE runtime
Gitpod Cloud: Free (50h / month,
limited features) or per hour.
Gitpod Dedicated: per user.
Supported IDEs
All IDEs
(e.g. Visual Studio Code, Jetbrains with and
without SSH, Eclipse, Netbeans,
Web IDEs) Wie funktionierts: Sourcen werden über einen File Mount mit der RDE geteilt. Auf den lokalen Mount kann jeder lokale Editor zugreifen. SSH-fähige IDEs können auch auf der RDE betrieben werden.
VS Code Browser, VS Code Desktop, Command Line.
Beta: IntelliJ, GoLand, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine,
WebStorm, Rider, CLion. According to Gitpod: browser-based,
SSH-compatible and desktop IDEs possible.
Cloudomation Engine -
Automation platform based on Python
for complex processes and infrastructure
.yaml Defined with .yaml, then Gitpod's internal logic takes over
Custom SLA
Gitpod Dedicated only
RDEs based on
Virtual Machines
Locally usable
Only usable in the workspace
Individual support
Gitpod Dedicated only
Audit Logging
Air Gapped Deployment
Gitpod Dedicated only
Setting usage limits
Workspace prebuilds
to the workspace
With third-party tools
With VS Code Browser or
with third-party tools


Gitpod or Cloudomation DevStack - in a nutshell

Gitpod and Cloudomation DevStack are both platforms to create and manage remote development environments – or how Gitpod calls them: cloud development environments.

What are the differences? The main differences:

  • Hosting
  • Pricing
  • On which technology the RDEs are based on
  • Automation options

Gitpod offers a SaaS model. The company discontinued their self-hosting option. With Cloudomation it is possible to choose between serveral hosting options: self-managed, managed on-premise and managed cloud.

With Gitpod Free, developers have 50 hours to use the platform, but with a limited set of features. If you want more, Gitpod offers a pay-as-you-go-model on a hourly basis. For companies, there’s Gitpod Dedicated, which is charged per user. Cloudomation has just one pricing model: It is charged per hour of RDE usage. You can choose from different options. All features are included in each option. With its free or pay-as-you-go model, Gitpod is geared more towards individual users. With Gitpod Dedicated, all functions can be used. Cloudomation is clearly focused towards companies.

Gitpods RDEs are containers. Cloudomation DevStack relies on virtual machines. For companies that want to run complex software in RDEs, VMs offer a flexible environment in which any software can be run. For companies that want to run lightweight, simple software in their RDEs, the solution with containers makes sense.

For automation, Gitpod relies on a .yaml file. Here, for example, the dependencies to be installed are specified, which are also installed when a workspace is started. Cloudomation DevStack is using Cloudomation Engine for automation. Cloudomation Engine is a general-purpose Python-based automation platform. Engine not only can automate the RDE creation, but much more – for example the integration of third-party systems. We have addressed the differences between config-based vs. code-based automation in a blog post.


Important features at a glance.

Managed Cloud, Self-Hosted und On-Premise

Choose your preffered hosting option.

CDEs based on Virtual Machines

VM-based dev environments in which the software to be developed and all the necessary tools are available.

Air Gapped

Set up an air gapped development environment. Benefits: The source code is not on the developer’s laptop. Test data is protected.

Central Configuration

Configure the RDEs and which tools are available centrally and for all developers.

Self-Service Portal for Developers

Developers can spin up and stop the development environments anytime using a self-service frontend.

Automation Platform

In addition to Cloudomation DevStack, you get Cloudomation Engine, a pro-code automation tool based on Python.

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