Our Use Cases

With Cloudomation Engine, you have a workbench that enables you to build automations for all kinds of problems.
But we also have very specific strengths and use cases where we can shine.
Here are our star use cases:

Continuous Deployment

You have a complex deployment process that is difficult to automate? Many components with different configuration have to be deployed to different target environments such as staging, test and production environments? Modular automation makes changes to the deployment automation a breeze.

Release Automation

The release automation process is often long and arduous, with many different software constellations having to be delivered to countless different target environments. Our solution on how this works and what results can be achieved can be read here.

DevOps Orchestration

DevOps orchestration processes involve a number of difficulties and challenges: On the one hand, the high costs and time-to-market, on the other hand, the lack of overview and faltering information flow between individual teams. A comprehensive solution is needed – and here it is! Curious?

E2E Test Orchestration

Software testing tools and technologies are a dime a dozen. The added value of Cloudomation Engine? Bringing all the different tools under one roof and creating a maintainable, clear pipeline for all tests. Including consolidation and processing of the results. The beauty of a centrally orchestrated test pipeline? Repeated problem areas and potential for improvement become visible.