Release Automation


Complex release process, which is difficult to automate: many different constellations of the software have to be delivered to many different target environments.


Flexible end-to-end automation in Python allows easy mapping of many conditions. The release process can easily and quickly be adapted and extended.

The problem

Automatic release of software that exists in different configurations on different target environments is challenging because conditions are set at different points. For example, a different build package can be used depending on the customer name, the operating system and customer-specific configurations might also need be taken into account etc. Mapping such dependency trees leads to highly complex constructs in other release tools, which are difficult to understand and maintain. This causes problems:

  • Changes to release automation are a lot of work and take a long time to implement.
  • Many manual steps remain, which are seen as too laborious to automate.
  • The release process is unreliable, as complex dependencies have to be taken into account in manual steps, which leads to errors.
  • Releases are handled individually for each customer with high effort. It takes a long time to deliver a new version to all customers.
  • Expert knowledge of individual employees is crucial for error-free releases.
  • Customer growth is threatening, as releases for more customers in more constellations can barely be supported.

The solution

Pro-code end-to-end automation of the release process with Cloudomation Engine:

  • Thanks to the automation engine directly in Python, the automation of complex processes is possible with fewer steps than with other automation solutions. This reduces complexity and makes the resulting automation scripts shorter, easier to understand and easier to maintain, as well as faster to develop.
  • In Python, even complex / nested conditions can be easily mapped. Any process logic can be automated. 
  • No rigid process model is given, only best-practice templates. This leaves flexibility for you to developed your release processe to exactly fit your requirements.
  • Thanks to broad integration features including an API manager, the connection of various tools and systems in the process chain is easily possible.
  • You develop, extend and manage your automations independently. If required, we support you – wherever you need
  • Automations remain simple, maintainable and clear.

How it works

Pro-code automation: This allows unprecedented flexibility with no predefined data model, no limits in the language to express complexity, no separation of process logic (i.e. the automation engine) and process content (task execution).

Complete end-to-end automation and integration platform: much broader features than just release automation tools.

Lean, fast, customer-centric: Lightweight platform, focus on customer enablement, customer-centric product development. 

The result

End-to-end automation of the entire release process for all release variants:

  • Faster releases
  • Less errors
  • Scalability: any number of releases can be added without additional effort

Flexible automation that grows with the user:

  • Tailored to your requirements: As simple as possible, as complex as necessary
  • Adding, removing and changing release variants is quick and easy
  • Additional steps can be added to the automation quickly and easily

Visibility and opportunity to collaborate on the process for all teams:

  • Graphical representation of the process also tangible for non-technicians
  • Traceability for all process steps
  • Release performance measurement and continuous improvement becomes possible