Pilot Customer Programme

We develop DevStack for and with our users.
Become part of the pilot customer programme and get your wishes and requirements directly implemented in the DevStack product.

What is the DevStack Pliot Customer Programme?

The DevStack Pilot Customer Programme gives companies the opportunity to get early access to the DevStack RDE platform.

As we continue to further develop DevStack, we are guided by the wishes of our pilot customers to decide which featuers we implement and how we design it. As a pilot customer you’ll get comprehensive support from us free of charge, as well as significant discounts on the licence. In return, you and your developers give us a lot of feedback on a regular basis. We will work together to bring DevStack to perfection until the summer of 2024.

If you meet the following requirements, you can apply for the pilot customer programme:

  • You are a software company with headquarters in the EU or Switzerland
  • The software you are developing and want to use DevStack for is:
    • Server software (not pure client or desktop software, not exclusively a mobile app or embedded software, although all of these can be part of the stack)
    • It runs on Linux
    • Separates Backend and Frontend (no fat client)
    • In addition, DevStack supports all programming languages and developer toolstacks
  • You see the value of remote development environments and are willing to invest time in implementing and evaluating DevStack in your company.

If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements, contact us and we will discuss your situation individually.

Phase 1: RDE Pilot Setup

Start: From August 2023

You Get You contribute

10 person days worth € 13 200 free of charge.

At least 2 person days (PT) of a product owner for the RDE (developer, operations or DevOps expert).

Buy-in and support of IT to the extent of about 1 PT for infrastructure provisioning.

Buy-in and support from security to the extent of around 1 PT for activations, accesses, requirement definition.

Cloudomation Engine & DevStack Software.
Infrastructure to run the DevStack platform & RDE VMs - see on-premise system requirements.
Licence for unlimited use of Cloudomation Engine and DevStack.
50 % of licence costs of the starter pakage: € 400 / month.
Milestone 1: one-click deployment 1 RDE configuration possible. Target: 6-8 weeks after launch.

Phase 2: RDE Pilot Use

You get You contribute

1 RDE configuration with:

  • Basic UI & command line interface to
    start & stop instances of the RDE
  • Build script runs there like local
  • Basic Developer Toolset available on the RDE

Multiple instances of this RDE can be run in parallel.

At least 3 developers commit to regular use of the RDE.
use the RDE and:

  • A kick-off call, in which they independently deploy the RDE
    and start working, thinking out loud. We watch
    and support.
  • Regular feedback calls: 1x a week for the first month,
  • then every 2-4 weeks. Developers give feedback,
  • wish for features, describe requirements, we
  • introduce new features and help with questions and problems.

We support a maximum of 6 developers in intensity.

All of your developers can try the RDEs out, play around, work with them.
Every developer who tries RDEs then fills out a short questionnaire and can volunteer for feedback calls.
Cloudomation Engine & DevStack starter package licence* or another suitable licence package, selection based on experience from Phase 1.
75 % of licence costs, e. g. € 600 for the starter package.

Continuous migration of the 1st RDE configuration into the full product as soon as corresponding features are available:

  • Full automation of RDE creation
  • Creation of a configuration data model
  • Migration of configuration parameters into the configuration backend
  • Migration to the self-service frontend
  • Migration of users to newer versions of the RDE

Automation, configuration and migration services in the scope of up to 15 person days worth € 19 800 free of charge.**

Requirements specification and continuous feedback -
Availability of the product owner and relevant contacts
in Operations, DevOps and Development.

Optional: Support in setting up further RDE configurations.

25 % discount on services*** = € 990 / day.
Milestone 2: Cloudomation Devstack general availability. Goal: summer 2024.

* If the use significantly exceeds the scope of the starter package, it is possible to switch to a larger licence package in phase 2, which can also be obtained for 75% of the list price.
** After completion of phase 1, the necessary expenses for this step can be estimated. If the expected costs significantly exceed the 15 person days included in the pilot programme, an individual offer will be made.
*** All Cloudomation content, which after the achievement of the 1. milestone and the acceptance of the 1. RDE by the customer count as services that are settled in phase 2 with a discount of 25%. These include the creation of new RDE configurations, implementation of other automation or dev self-service tools in Cloudomation and extension or modification of the 1. RDE configuration.

Phase 3: RDE Full Use

You get You contribute
Best-practice RDE data model, configuration and deployment
automation created by us according to your requirements, which can be used as
template for further RDE variants as well as for the extension of the 1st RDE. Cloudomation DevStack platform with full feature set, developed
according to your requirements and feedback.
100 % of the licence costs of the choosen package, e. g. € 800 for the starter package up to 1000 RDE hours / month.
Support in the implementation of further RDE configurations.
Support for internal roll-out of RDEs to more teams or departments: training and support.
Settlement of services at the normal price of € 1320 / day.


Can participation be paused / resumed?

In phase 1 & 2, participation in the Cloudomation DevStack pilot customer programme can be paused at any time if blockers to RDE use are identified and the elimination of the blockers (on the customer or Cloudomations’ side) would be expected to take longer than one month. Resumption is possible at any time under the conditions described here as long as milestone 2 (general availability) has not yet been reached.

When does the pilot customer programme end?

Participation in the pilot customer programme ends automatically when milestone 2 is reached, after which it is no longer possible to enter the pilot customer programme?

How, when and by whom can participation be terminated?

In phase 1 & 2, participation in the Cloudomation DevStack pilot customer programme can be terminated by either side at any time without notice at the end of each month without giving reasons.

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