Cloudomation Release Notes

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2020/03 Version 2

Breaking Changes

  • Changes in pricing
    Pricing based on productive executions of tasks replaced the token-based pricing model. Productive task executions are called “connections”.  The “Token Report” section was removed from the UI.
    Ref: CLOUD-2145
  • Removed “inputs” resource
    The “messages” and “inputs” resources were merged into a combined resource called “messages”. The new messages resource provides additional functionality to design message forms to request a response from Cloudomation users.
    Ref: CLOUD-1622
Consolidated messages resource

New Features

  • Development mode
    Tasks can be executed in development and productive mode. Task executions (connections) in development mode are free of charge.
    Ref: CLOUD-2059
  • User Interface redesign
    The user interface was overhauled with a new color scheme and a cleaner design.
    Ref: CLOUD-2991
Cloudomation V2 design

  • Extended upload and download functionality
    Users can now upload and download flow scripts, settings, and files through the UI directly in the respective views.
    Ref: CLOUD-1306, CLOUD-2330
  • Editable files
    Text files in the “files” resource can now be edited in the Cloudomation UI.
    Ref: CLOUD-1480
Writing file content in the user interface
  • Standard API documentation
    Cloudomation API now provides OpenAPI schema and SwaggerUI.
    Ref: CLOUD-2027
  • Advanced search in list views & REST API
    All list views in the UI and the Cloudomation REST API now support filter expressions.
    Ref: CLOUD-11
  • Filter expressions in flow API
    All flow-api list calls now support filter expressions.
    Ref: CLOUD-1646
  • Improved dependency overview
    Users can now see live which dependencies a flow script is currently waiting for, as well as which dependencies it waited for in the past.
    Ref: CLOUD-2044
  • Display of recent executions in flow record
    The flow record view now shows the last 3 executions of that flow.
    Ref: CLOUD-601
  • Two-factor authentication
    Users can now activate two-factor authentication for logging into Cloudomation.
    Ref: CLOUD-2558
  • Parse pdf in flow script
    Users can now parse the contents of pdf files directly in flow scripts.
    Ref: CLOUD-2525
  • REST multipart POST upload
    The REST task type now supports multipart post uploads.
    Ref: CLOUD-2524
  • Powershell task type
    Users can now access Windows machines via Windows Remote Management and execute Powershell scripts.
    Ref: CLOUD-1851
  • Kubernetes task type
    Users can now manage Kubernetes directly in flow scripts.
  • PostgreSQL task type
    Users can now access PostgreSQL databases directly from flow scripts.
    Ref: CLOUD-1620
  • Google API task type with Oauth2
    Users can now use all Google APIs, and authenticate against Google APIs with oauth2.
    Ref: CLOUD-392
  • Email attachments
    Users can now send emails with attachments directly from flow scripts. 
    Ref: CLOUD-1082
  • Created/modified timestamps for all records
    All resources now provide created at/created by and modified at/modified by fields.
    Ref: CLOUD-815
  • Protect API against denial-of-service
    The load-balancer now enforces rate-limits.
    Ref: CLOUD-699
  • Improved pagination display for long lists
    The pagination control will skip pages when there are more than 9 pages. The pagination will always show buttons for the first two pages, last two pages, two before the current page, and two after the current page.
    Ref: CLOUD-733
  • Changed database backend
    Improved scalability by migrating to PostgreSQL as a database backend.
    Ref: CLOUD-2016

Bug Fixes

  • Files resource now refreshes when modified
    In contrast to all other resources, the files resource did not push updates to the UI. This is now fixed.
    Ref: CLOUD-1086 Files resource does not refresh when modified
  • Order of opened records fixed on page refresh
    Previously, page refreshes changed the order of opened records. Opened records now stay sorted when the page is refreshed.
    Ref: CLOUD-1085 page refresh reorders open flows
  • Files resource can now handle several executions requesting the same file
    Previously, only one execution could request a file at any one time.
    Ref: CLOUD-2612 file_futures cannot handle two executions requesting the same file at the same time
  • Cancelling paused executions now cancels them immediately
    Previously, paused executions could only be cancelled after resuming them.
    Ref: CLOUD-1429 cancel paused execution is done only after execution “resume”
  • Fixed sorting of numerical columns
    Sorting of columns of various types was fixed (numbers, timestamp, duration, filesize).
    Ref: CLOUD-136 sort number column as number (not string)