Cloud Development Environments: New whitepaper gives an overview of all available tools and their features

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In 2010, companies started to tinker with the idea of Cloud Development Environments (CDEs). Ten years later, there’s been a sudden explosion of new CDE products. With so many new products on the market, it’s becoming difficult to understand the differences between them. The new whitepaper “Full list of CDE vendors (+ feature comparison table)” sheds light on the differences and nuances, enables you to compare all the vendors and to get a detailed and precise overview of the market.

The problems CDEs solve

CDEs aim to solve the following problems faced by developers:

  • A lot of time is invested in maintaining dev environments
  • A lot of knowledge is required to set up and maintain dev environments
  • A lot of computing power is required to build, test and run the software that developers work on

Cloud Development Environments solve this by providing environments which are simple to set up and use and by running on powerful servers. This reduces the time and knowledge required for the setup and maintenance and reduces the load on local workstations.

The whitepaper: a comprehensive overview of CDEs and the vendors

In the 30+ pages whitepaper, written and researched by Margot Mückstein, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudomation, you get an in-depth look at how CDEs work. It also enables you to compare all the solutions. In a comprehensive comparison table, the tools are categorised by:

  • vendor
  • technology (VM-based, container-based)
  • works with multi-container apps
  • Kubernetes required
  • compatible IDEs
  • deployment options
  • configuration
  • cost and pricing
  • other comments

The research for this whitepaper was done to get a deep understanding of the tools currently available to inform our product development. I want to ensure that our product provides both what users need and what isn’t already available on the market. I also noticed that I couldn’t find a comprehensive overview of the topic anywhere, so we decided to make this content publicly available.” – Margot Mückstein, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudomation

Here’s a short glimpse into the feature comparison table:

Johannes Ebner

Marketing Manager